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Apple’s iOS 14 Changes and What They Mean For Your Business

The digital industry is anxiously awaiting the biggest iOS change in years. To the average consumer Apple’s announcement of iOS 14 changes looked a lot like all of the others. A few new emojis, updates to their maps and translation apps to try and compete with Google, and yet another attempt to pretend Siri will ever understand what we’re asking her to do. To a business owner, app developer, or marketer however there is one piece of this update that will change the way we strategize our online marketing efforts: the privacy updates.

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Klatch DigitalApple’s iOS 14 Changes and What They Mean For Your Business

The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Calendar [Template]

Never miss a holiday again—we’ve put together a complete guide to this year’s holidays to help inform your marketing and social media strategy. With every social media holiday from National Donut Day to Computer Security Day mapped out by month this calendar template is the perfect resource to come back to when planning out your content, or for last minute ideas when you’re feeling blocked.

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Klatch DigitalThe Ultimate 2021 Holiday Calendar [Template]